As an 18 year old moving into my dorm to start summer school at Furman University, the first person I met was a senior by the name of George Brozos. George showed me the ropes my freshman year and was definitely one of my favorite teammates I’ve ever played with.

He was always one of the hardest workers but also had a hilarious sense of humor. Here is my favorite story from the year We played together:

After the first closed scrimmage of my career, my coach gave me the ultimate compliment. After taking a couple of charges, rebounding well, and hitting a few open shots, our head coach said this during the film session, “Connor Nolte is going to play a lot of minutes this year. If everybody plays like Connor did in that scrimmage, we’re going to have a good year.”

Fast forward a few weeks. We were sitting in the locker room, deflated after another loss. We started the season 0-7. George looked around the room and stood up to make an announcement in his almost-fluent English. “Guys, I’ve been thinking and I think I know what the problem is…. Do you remember when Coach told us we need to play more like Nolte? We need to stop doing that!!”

Even I had to laugh.

George had to return to Greece after he finished his career at Furman to serve in the Greek military for 2 years. He also was able to start his professional career in his hometown of Thessaloniki.

I always told George I would visit him in Greece one day, with both of us assuming that would never happen. Tomorrow I fly from Rome to Thessaloniki to see a great friend I haven’t seen in 4 years.