What’s up Passer’s Remorse faithful? Its the offseason so if you are reading this right now you’re either a loyal fan or someone tricked you into visiting my blog.

Big news coming out of Athens this week.  I don’t know if I can comment on this stuff but…BOOOOOOOOOOM!

Time is flying up here in Bristol, Connecticut. It feels like I just got here but there are only 3 weeks left of this internship.  I’m going to miss working here.  Not only am I interning at ESPN for the summer; I have one of the best jobs at the company.

Like I said before, I work on the interactive games team.  I’ve been working on our Facebook games, ESPN Arcade, and with EA Sports. Yes, EA Sports, the creators of the best video games ever. They make FIFA Soccer, Madden NFL, NCAA Football, NBA Elite (formerly known as NBA Live), and the new NBA Jam to name a few.

One of my favorite assignments of the summer was creating two videos showcasing the top ten college football teams in EA’s NCAA Football 11 in support of its release this past Tuesday. To put the two videos together I:

  • Called the guys at EA to discuss the footage they would be sending me and the script
  • Got the tapes in the mail and brought them to the Ingest lab to digitize the video and put it on the server
  • Layed down a voiceover track.  I sat down recording booth reading the script to create a “scratch track” this was to fill in for the final voiceover read by someone with actual talent.  (I was actually interrupted by Steve Bunin, who frequently hosts Outside the Lines, because he needed to record something for SportsCenter.)
  • Went down to the digital media building to edit it all together.
  • Replaced my voiceover with the real one read by Paul Severino and tweaked the video to match.
  • Published the video to ESPN.com
  • Sent my work to Jon Robinson, the ESPN.com/videogames editor and he included it in this article.
  • SportsNation talked about the release of NCAA Football 11 and showed the article on their show.

You can see the videos here and here. I’m out. Heading to NYC for meetings in the morning. Setting the Alarm for 5am.