College basketball is officially over.  I thought that was one of the best tournaments I’ve ever watched.   I genuinely didn’t care who won the Championship game between Butler and Duke.  I would have been happy no matter what.  I love underdog stories and obviously Butler would have been the epitome of that.  I met some of Duke’s team and their coaching staff this summer and even though everybody hates them, they are quality people.

In case you missed it, my “trick shot” with Charles Barkley was on ESPN’s SportsNation a few times over the past week. It ended up being the #1 Weird Web Story of the Week.

ESPN has a new show on ABC on Saturday’s at 5 ET called Winner’s Bracket. I’ve been told my video will be featured on there this afternoon so check it out.  They make a bracket of the Top 16 highlights of the week and debate until they pick the best one.

Check out the Grand Finale of the Game Day Trick Shot Series: