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“Little” Brother

CourtCred did a story on my bro.  Check out the video below and the article here.

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  • Best weekend of the year

    What’s up everybody? I hope you’re having as much fun watching the tournament as I am. I tweeted earlier that I’m almost at the point where I stop caring about my bracket being correct and start cheering for every possible upset. The only problem is, this is supposed to happen AFTER the first round, much less after the first session of games on Thursday.

    I was literally feeling some March madness because I had to study for a statistics test while the best day in NCAA tourney history was going on.  I’m looking forward to watching the games today.

    I’ll leave you with this awesome Capital One commercial and a video I just uploaded with a few highlights from Milton’s Region Championship game against Campbell.

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  • For the last time…

    I am not copying Mark Titus.  I started my blog months before he did. He just happens to be much more well known. Here’s a screenshot of the conversation we had on facebook about a year and a half ago.

    I will say that I’m a huge fan of his and if my blog becomes half as popular as his, that would really something.

    Some random thoughts:

    -The NCAA tournament starts Thursday which is bad news for my GPA considering I have a Statistics test on Friday.  It has been a lifelong dream of mine to play in the NCAA tournament.  It has to be one of the best sporting events known to man.  I made a group on ESPN’s Tournament Challenge for those of you that want to join it. I obviously can’t join any groups that have prizes and that’s fine with me.  I don’t even know if I’m going to fill out my bracket to be honest with you.

    -Milton High School won the State Championship last Friday.  I’m extremely proud of those guys and I can’t wait to steal my brothers ring.

    -ESPN came on campus today for a career fair.  I was able to record a video on one of the ESPN employee’s Flip cameras thanking Michelle Beadle for showing some love on SportsNation but calling out Josh Elliot for bashing my camera work and Colin Cowherd for dissing the Game Day Trick Shot. I hope that gets some air time without killing my chances at interning with ESPN.

    -Finally, I have to say that every time Steve Nash puts a video up on youtube, it inspires me to create my own videos.  He puts up some of the weirdest stuff I’ve ever seen.  I’m going to be working on a few other video projects this offseason. I’m not going to reveal any details in case they don’t work out but I’m pretty excited about the possibilities.

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  • Thoughts from Nashville

    • The Arena is amazing.  One of the best venues I’ve been to.  The Nashville Predators play there and their colors are the same colors the SEC uses, blue and gold. The arena looks like it was built just for the SEC tournament.
    • Nashville is an awesome city. Not too big, not too small.  My buddy’s apartment is 2 blocks from the arena.
    • I’m paying 4 bucks a day for parking. Can’t beat that.
    • I used my friends fancy shmancy shampoo (Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo) and I think he got ripped off because I SWEAR it was just some IcyHot.
    • Kentucky fans have taken over Nashville. As I tweeted earlier, its as if the SEC tournament is taking place in the middle of a Kentucky pep rally.
    • Those of us not wearing blue have become best friends
    • It has been nice to hear fans from all schools saying positive thins about UGA basketball when they see my Georgia gear.
    • The sun just showed its face and Nashville is definitely a great place to be. Check out the video below to see what downtown looks like.

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  • I leave you with the Game Day Trick Shot: Postseason Edition

    Since I’ll be in Nashville and won’t be able to tape any more trick shots, this will serve as the trick shot for the entire postseason.

    (If you’re on your phone click this link to see the video)

    Its tournament time. I’m leaving today to hopefully spend the rest of my spring break in tropical Nashville, Tennessee. The SEC tournament starts today and we play at 8:45 central time.

    I’ve really been looking forward to this trip.  I’m staying with an old high school teammate, Kreigh Bourff, who now works in Nashville.  I can remember going to Subway with him and another senior before practice every single day when I was just a sophomore. Whenever I look back to my high school days its not hard for me to see that I had some of the best teammates. Undoubtedly, I wouldn’t be where I am today without those guys.

    One of the problems with me going to the tournament is that I only get tickets to the sessions that  the Dawgs are playing in. The conference tournament atmosphere is special to be a part of and I really wish I could sit in the gym for the next 96 hours straight. I know you’re thinking to yourself, “Connor, being the unbelievably awesome blogger that you are, why didn’t you get press passes?” Thats a good question and I think I definitely should have tried to do that.

    Another problem with me going to the tourney is that the NCAA doesn’t allow me to sit on the bench or go into the locker room, so I’ll have pretty much no contact with my team. I do know that if I get to talk to them, my last resort motivational tool will be: “Listen up, I did NOT drive 4 hours and skip my brother’s game in the Final Four of the state tournament to see you lose in the FIRST ROUND!!!”

    If anybody does need me to do that for motivation something is wrong with them. Conference tournaments are special.  You can play your way into the Big Dance (see:2007-2008 Dawgs)! Anything can happen and we have proved we can play with anybody in the conference.

    Even when I was in the SoCon, the conference tournament was always an exciting place to be.  The energy in the city and arena is electric and I can’t wait to be there. That’s why I’m leaving in 5 minutes.

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  • I don’t think I can put into words how great it feels for me to honestly say: there is NOWHERE in the WORLD I’d rather be than where I am right now.

    A year ago, I was sitting in my dorm room having my own version of a panic attack contemplating my future.  I could either suck it up and play my last 2 years of eligibility at Furman, or I could decide to transfer, placing a financial burden on my parents by forfeiting my $60,000 scholarship and possibly end my college basketball career.

    I knew I couldn’t live with the regret of not trying to play at my dream school, UGA.  Coach Fox got hired 3 days after I asked for my release and I’m here at UGA now and I thank God every day for the way it all turned out.

    Before the Kentucky game on Wednesday I had the opportunity of a lifetime.  Charles Barkley, one of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players EVER, came into Athens for the game.  Coach Fox talked him into coming extra early to participate in my Game Day Trick Shot project.  He was unbelievably gracious and hilarious as usual.

    I’ll probably put up a post during the offseason with some details on the video shoot and some pictures. For now, let me know what you think of the video. Technically I’m leaking it 4 hours before March 6th but I can’t help it.

    If you didn’t get that watch this:

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  • Game Day Trick Shot: Senior Night

    I can’t believe its Senior Night already.  This is only my first season on this team but Senior Night has always been an emotional night for me.  I’m not going to be crying tonight or anything but its hard for me to see a player’s career come to an end.

    Even though they are only a year older than me, I’ve looked up to Albert, Ricky, and Tyler since I arrived here. They were great teammates to me as I adjusted to UGA after my transfer. 

    Albert is my roommate and he really helped me out when I first got on campus. I know its been a long unpredictable road for Tyler and Ricky, as they both transferred in from mid major programs like myself.

    I’m proud of these guys and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to play with them this year. I hope that Bulldawg Nation comes out to the game early tonight to show their appreciation for their contributions to the program.

    Ricky and Tyler make their debuts on the game day trick shot:

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  • Yes, it is a small world after all

    Super busy weekend.  My two best friends from my 2 years in Huntsville, AL came up for the game from Miss St. and Bama.  They witnessed our great win on Saturday vs. Florida.  They were impressed with the atmosphere in Stegeman and I can’t thank the fans enough.

    My brother and my dad came up for the game and had a funny story from their (basically) courtside seats:

    In the first half a fan yelled at Parsons, “Parsons! You can’t guard him (Travis Leslie)”. Parsons pointed at the scoreboard. I guess he was saying that Travis hadn’t scored yet or something because we were winning. Later after his NASTY dunk, he looked up into the stands, shrugged and said, “He can’t guard me either!”

    Thankfully we got the last laugh.

    On Sunday I went home to catch my sisters Georgia Tech intramural All Star game at Philips Arena following the Hawks/Bucks game.

    I stopped by the house before the Hawks game for a couple hours and was just enjoying myself and relaxing.  My mom started yelling my name, “CONNOR, you have to come up here right now and look at these pictures!”

    In my head I was seriously doubting the pictures would be more interesting than the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue that I found in my brother’s lair in the basement.

    She had found some pictures from a Hawks game I went to on my birthday April 2nd, 2002.  I started looking at them and then I realized why she called me upstairs.  There I was, with my brother and sister looking goofy as can be in my bucks cutoff and a Wisconsin Badgers visor getting an autograph from Mark Pope of all people!

    It just blows my mind.  I mean 8 years ago who could have ever guessed that I would be playing basketball at UGA and Mark Pope would be the Operations Coordinator?


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