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This shot has been waiting to be posted on the site for about a month now.  I ended up ruining my camera trying to upload it the first time. I couldn’t find my charger and I was so excited to put the shot up that I tried to use the charger for my portable dvd player.  It ended up frying the camera and I lost the shot for good.

You might have noticed the video quality of the last few trick shots was pretty bad and thats because I had to use an old camera.  Coach Fox constantly reminded me that of all the shots his was the only one that got lost. We finally had time to video his shot and he was able to drain it twice.

I now present quite possibly the hardest game day trick shot yet:

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  • Game Day: @ Vandy

    Game day trick shot featuring my little brother Evan.

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  • Watch Ya Head

    I had a great sports weekend.  We had a nearly full house on Saturday for our game vs. Alabama.  We came back from being down 13 at one point to win and I don’t doubt for a second that the fans played a huge part in that.

    My alma mater, Milton High School, beat Wheeler for the first time since the 90s.  I posted the controversial video from OT yesterday.  They play for the region Championship tonight vs. Campbell.

    Turns out, it wasnt just a rumor. My brother actually dunked on somebody.

    If only the dude hadn’t tipped the ball back out of the net this would have been the nastiest dunk in Milton history that I’m aware of. He is my brother so that might be a little biased, but you have to understand that before the last 3 or 4 years there was an average of ZERO dunks PER SEASON.

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  • Milton/Wheeler controversy

    Big time controversy at Campbell high school last night.  Milton and Wheeler were playing in the Semifinals of the region tournament.  Wheeler was down by 3 in overtime when Jelan Kendrick made this buzzer beater.  It was ruled a 2. What do you think was his foot on the line?

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  • Game Day: Alabama

    Home game today vs. Alabama.  Here are a few links for you and of course, the game day trick shot:

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  • Game Day: @ Tennessee

    I’ve been hearing it about my facial hair in the picture I posted on Monday from a few people.  I’ve been told I that I resemble a homeless person (thanks mom, I love you too!). You have to understand that there was literally a 0.01 % chance of me getting interviewed on camera. If I had known it was coming I would have shaved without a doubt.

    I knew that it would be a problem from the moment the camera popped up in my face but there was no way I was turning down the interview. I also picked the goofiest looking screenshot and admitted that I looked like a fool in the picture.

    I can’t wait to watch our game vs. Tennessee tonight.  Combine the facts that they’ve lost 2 in a row and we beat them here, and its not hard to see they’ll be especially hungry for the win.

    Here’s the game day trick shot:

    Half courter lying on my back.  Took 4 tries.

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  • Another big win at home

    Once again, thanks to all the fans that came out despite the bad weather on Saturday. They stuck with us for the whole game even when things weren’t looking great.  My first thought was that the fans were the reason that we won the game.

    However, lets look at some facts and you can decide for yourself what the real reason was:

    • Friday January 22nd: Our SID Tim Hix shocks the world by summoning me to talk to the media.
    • Saturday January 23rd: We shock bball fans around the country by beating #8 Tennessee.
    • Friday February 12th: Tim Hix once again summons me for media and the fine folks at ISP have me do an on camera interview.
    • Saturday February 13th: Georgia 66- South Carolina 61
    • Requested for interviews: 2
    • Wins on the day following said interviews: 2

    You do the math…

    I do have to confess that it took the perfect storm for me to get the on camera interview.  Ricky was doing his thing talking to numerous reporters at once, Trey was doing an interview over the phone, and I was standing against the wall doing my best impression of a guy waiting for a bus aka I was doing jack squat.

    I’m pretty sure they just felt bad for me. Either that or they were just trying to see if the camera was working and if the light on the end of the camera was set to cause 100% blindness or just mild impairment.  I stammered my way through 3 or four questions but somehow made the video and I was able to grab this brilliant screenshot of me looking like a fool to prove it.

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  • Game Day: South Carolina

    It snowed like crazy here in Athens but have no fear, the roads on campus don’t have ice on them.  Don’t let the weather keep you from coming to cheer on our team. As Coach Fox said on twitter, “If there ever was a team that prooves the home crowd makes a difference, its ours. Sun is shining & snow’s already melting, 4pm tip today .”

    Here’s today’s game day trick shot:

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  • Game Day Trick Shot: Happy Birthday Gerald

    I gotta study for this Statistics test but the show must go on:
    Today’s Game Day Trick Shot featuring the Birthday Boy, Gerald Robinson Jr.

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  • Vandy

    We beat #20 Vanderbilt Saturday night. Thanks to all the fans that filled Stegeman. Here are a few odds and ends from Saturday: 62491599

    -Turns out the Hoop Girls weren’t big fans of my tweet from earlier in the week. The only reason I posted the picture was because I thought it was funny when you looked at my bag compared to the others.  Somehow me pointing this out turned into me not appreciating the Hoop Girls.  I was actually reminded by someone of my walk on status and should be happy I even get a bag (next time tell me how you really feel!).  To be honest, I am happy to just get a bag and feel bad that some of the Hoop Girls were offended.  They do a lot of great behind the scenes PR stuff that the players and coaches definitely appreciate.

    -A couple kids were running around with our posters looking for autographs.  They OBVIOUSLY recognized (read: barely recognized) me and I signed their posters.  I went over to say hi to Bucklin’s parents and Matt informed me that he overheard the kids talking about how they were missing one autograph.  Turns out, Buck was the missing autograph but they had no idea he was on the team and didn’t ask him.  We watched them as they walked by 5 or six times looking up at us and trying to match us with our pictures on the poster. As we were finally leaving we overheard one of the managers talking about all the autographs he had been signing.

    -I’m starting to think that the Dance Dawgs are professionals that are brought in only on game days.  My reasoning is that I’ve never seen one of them outside of the Coliseum. Also, I didn’t know they danced at the Gymdog Meets.  My mom came up for the Gymdogs Meet on Friday and I gotta tell ya, there’s nothing like watching the Dance Dogs with your mom.

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  • Game Day: Vanderbilt

    Big game tonight against #20 Vanderbilt. The game starts at 8. With the weather we’ve been having here, there’s no better place to be in Athens than Stegeman Coliseum.  Hope to see you there.

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  • Game Day: Arkansas

    Whatup World?

    I’m sure you’re dying for a wordy blog entry about my life but no can do.  I have an Economics exam today and don’t have time to get creative.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing how many of you guys show up tonight to see us play Arkansas.

    I had planned on a long intro to this video dedicating it to Brett Favre but like I said, no time.

    Today’s Game Day Trick Shot:

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