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Game Day: South Carolina

So last night I went to practice, had dinner, and came back to the room to relax.  I turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels and stopped when I saw that Gang Land was on the History Channel (Who doesn’t?).  About 5 seconds later I realized that this entire episode was dedicated to the gangs of Columbia, South Carolina.  More specifically, it was focusing on the GKBs aka the Gangsta Killa Bloods aka the reason I decided I wasn’t going to drive up to Columbia for the game tonight.  I recommend that you watch the episode if its ever on again just for the hilarity of the white guy narrating enunciating “Gangsta Killa Bloods” and all the rest of the slang.

To be honest the real reason I’m not driving up to Columbia is because I’m still feeling the effects of my last attempt at driving to a road game.  My car is still in need of some work and I don’t trust it to make it to USC and back to be honest.  I’ll be watching the game on TV once again.

Here is today’s trick shot featuring the leading scorer from the Best Scout Team In America™, Gerald Robinson Jr..

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  • Game Day Trick Shot: 1.27.10

    First of all, I want to say thanks to all of the fans that came out to support the team on Saturday against Tennessee, especially Drake aka Peanut Butter Kid.  Stegeman was rocking and that was definitely a key factor in a big win for our team and the program.

    We got right back to work getting ready for this Florida game tonight.  They are a good team and it goes without saying that we are going to have to be extremely focused to go into their house and come back with a win but I think we are ready for the challenge.

    Here’s something I recently realized I had been taking for granted:

    You haven’t lived if you haven’t listened to a room full of college basketball players debate about high school basketball. If you ever have the chance to be around a college basketball team in a casual setting I dare you to ask them whose high school team was the best.  I will warn you that there is a 50% chance that your head will explode.  I have played at 2 schools now and have heard this argument 50+ times so far.   The argument will go from ‘my team was better than your team’ to ‘my classification was better’ (AAAAA vs. AAA, etc.), to ‘my state was better than your state’.

    By the end you will find out that so-and-so’s team beat OJ Mayo’s team in an AAU game in Houston. Since a few players from the AAU team played at the same high school, said high school would have “drug” aka “worked” aka “kilt” aka “embarrassed” anyone in the room’s team. Did you follow that? I didn’t think so.

    Here is today’s Game Day Trick Shot:

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  • Game day trick shot: Special Guest Edition

    If you are going to name a blog Passer’s Remorse, you have 2 options:

    • Plan A: Don’t let your coach find out about it.
    • Plan B: If your coach happens to find out about it never turn the ball over or he will crack himself up saying things like, “So that’s what Passer’s Remorse is! I thought it was the name of a funeral home website but now I know better after that pass.”

    We play Tennessee today at 5 pm.  The Red and Black got the time wrong in the paper yesterday but I’m going to forgive them because they interviewed Bucklin and I before practice yesterday and I’m not trying to get misquoted.

    You can imagine the team’s reaction when the SID read out the media requests, “Ok I need Trey Thompkins, Albert Jackson, Travis Leslie, and uh, Matt Bucklin”.

    Tennessee is ranked 8th in the country and obviously this is a big game for us.  The game is sold out and I can’t wait for tip off.  A game this big calls for a big time Game Day Trick Shot if you ask me.  That’s why I brought in my secret weapon:

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  • Game day: Mississippi State

    We have a big game today in Starkville, Mississippi vs. Mississippi State. I was supposed to be there but I’ll be watching on ESPN2 instead.

    I had a pretty awesome road trip planned out but it ended up being a complete disaster.  The plan was to leave after practice today and drive to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to stay with one of my best friends, Jason Galloway. We’ve been friends since 3rd grade and now he writes for the Crimson and White (you can check out his interview with Vince Young outside the Lakers locker room here).  The Gymdogs had a meet at Alabama last night that he was covering and I was going to support my girls on the Gymdogs team. Then today were going to drive over to Starkville for our game.

    Unfortunately, my car had other plans in mind and decided to start making a horrible clicking noise and lights were flashing on my dashboard like it was Christmas all over again.  This occurred a mile from the Georgia Alabama border.  After spending an hour and a half at Waffle House my dad arrived and we caravan-ed back to Alpharetta in the slow lane.  So basically I ended up 60 miles away from Athens and it only took me 7 hours.

    The saving grace of the trip was that I was able to experience my first 3 way call ever on the drive back. Here’s how it went down: My mom put her phone up to the computer speakers to broadcast the play by play from the internet stream of my brother’s game.  She called my dad and he called me.  I don’t know how people survived without computers and cell phones, I really don’t.

    We started listening just in time to hear my brother drain a half court buzzer beater at the end of the 3rd quarter:

    Speaking of Youtube: here’s today’s Game Day Trick Shot featuring the talent of Gerald Robinson Jr. :

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  • Today is your lucky day.  Instead of 1 game day trick shot, you get 2. Come out to Stegeman tonight to watch us take on nationally ranked Ole Miss.

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  • You’re Welcome America

    We lost a tough one in Lexington yesterday afternoon.  No time to dwell on it though and I’m glad we get another shot at them later in the year. We play Ole Miss, who is currently ranked 14th in the AP poll, this Wednesday at home.  Once conference play starts you really don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself after a loss.  You just learn from the mistakes you made, put it behind you, and prepare for your next opponent.  With that being said, I want to share a story from earlier in the year:

    I’m going to take you back to a few weeks ago.  I got to the locker room about an hour before practice and was killing some time talking with TO, our graduate assistant and the star of my first 2 game day trick shots.  I told him I was planning on recording a video of Travis Leslie dunking from the free throw line (and I still am).  TO said he had to see it to believe it.  This prompted him to call Travis in to harass him about how he wasn’t reaching his “bounce potential” and hadn’t dunked on anybody all year.  We gave him credit for his oop vs. St. John’s but gave him some flack for missing layups instead of just dunking. He claimed that he was “going to start dunking on people” from that day forward.

    If we never had that conversation I’m not sure these clips would have ever happened.  Like I said, you are welcome:

    #2 on Sportscenter’s Top Ten Plays vs. Georgia Tech:

    What is being called the dunk of the year from yesterday’s game @ Kentucky:

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  • We Wrecked Tech

    Big game in Athens last night.  If you didn’t make it out to the game check out the highlights here.  While Stegeman wasn’t as crowded as I hoped it would be, it was great to see how many students showed up for the game two days before classes start.

    It was a big win for our team. I know I’m new to UGA but you don’t have to tell me that its a good thing to have bragging rights over your in state rival that plays in the ACC.

    Here’s the Game Day Trick Shot:

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