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Half Court Finger Roll

Graduate assistant Todd Okeson drains a halfcourt finger roll on the first take:

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  • “Make it rain”

    We’ve gotten two big wins since I blogged last.  Tonight we beat Florida Atlantic and last Saturday we beat Illinois at the Gwinnett Arena.  I wasn’t allowed to go with the team to Gwinnett due to NCAA rules (but I did attend the game) so while they were in Gwinnett I went home.  I got to see some high school teammates I hadn’t seen in a while.  We usually end up watching some film from our high school games and talk about the good old days.  We came across some funny stuff including the storming of Pope’s court in the clip I’m about to share.

    Here is a clip from what was almost my last high school game ever.  We were in the first round of the region tournament playing Matt Bucklin‘s Pope Greyhounds. Winner made it to the state tournament; the losing team’s season was over.  The game was tied and we had the ball.  Our SG, Brody Littley, drove and missed a floater.  I ended up with tipping the ball in at the buzzer for the win.

    The best part of the video though is our fans.  During my senior season, Milton had some of the best fans I’ve ever seen.  They had theme nights for most of our games and the theme for this game was “Make It Rain”.  After the tip in, our fans pulled off the awesome but rare storming of the opponents court.  Those that were truly dedicated to the theme proceeded to open up their umbrellas to shield the crowd.

    The second best part about this video is my dad’s play-by-play announcing over the phone to my mom who was out of town.

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  • “Get Some Candy”

    Time to share some top secret info with the fans:

    If you look around our arena you will notice that the upper level sections are each given two letters.  Directly opposite of the main scoreboard lies section MM (This isn’t the secret and if you thought it was then you really need to come out and watch us play more).

    Being the genius he is (you never know if he’s reading this…), Coach Fox realized that the top of section MM is really far away from the court and also made the connection that there is a candy that goes by those letters.  Thus, the phrase “Get some candy” or “Getchu some candy” was born.  This phrase is reserved for bonehead plays, such as missed layups  or foolish turnovers resulting from a lack of concentration or effort. The act of getting some candy requires one to run up the stairs and slap the MM sign at the top of the Coliseum.  I’m sad to say that I got some candy once this year for a missed layup and don’t wish it upon anybody.

    We don’t always practice in the Coliseum because we have an amazing practice facility.  I’m waiting for the day where someone has to get some candy when we’re practicing in there and run all they way over to section MM. (The smart money says I’ll be the first one given that task since I just wrote this…)

    I think the phrase has some real potential. I don’t think its use has to be limited to our practices alone.  It basically means “you’ve got to be kidding me” or “that was terrible, I can’t believe you did that”. Here are two examples where the phrase could be used perfectly, one from practice and one from real life.

    Tuesday in practice Matt Bucklin and I were on the same team and were in at the same time.  Matt was looking out for his fellow walk on aka me and threw me a lob.  I repeat: HE THREW ME A LOB!!!! (I’m not complaining though. I appreciated the love shown by my partner in crime) The thing is,  I almost didn’t see it because, to be honest, I’m not an alley-oop kind of guy.  At the last second I saw it and completed the whitest play in basketball : catching a lob and laying it up instead of dunking it. Coach Fox held it back but I know he was thisclose to telling Buck-nasty to get some candy.

    On Monday I got to my advertising class and was minding my own business when a girl in my class came up to me:

    Girl: Hey you’re on the basketball team right?

    Me: Yes, I do actually.

    Girl: You were on the program the other day

    Me: Yep, that was pretty cool. I didn’t know I was going to be on it at all this year.

    Girl: Yeah we called you Sasquatch Legs because your legs were so hairy…

    Me: Oh uhh cool.

    Now that would have been a perfect time to tell her to get some candy.  Who just says something like that to a person they’ve never talked to in their life? The funny thing was that I kind of got excited when I realized that someone actually recognized me and was immediately humbled a second later.  What do you say when someone tells you something like that?

    Keep checking in on the blog.  On his twitter, Bucklin announced to the world that he would be dunking by March.  I’m planning on tracking his progress here.

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