I can’t believe its been about a month since I posted on here last.  I’m hoping to start updating much more often now that the season has started.  In the offseason and the preseason, there isn’t much going on in terms of basketball.  I don’t think people check out the blog to find out about my personal life so that’s why I haven’t updated much.

We had a dinner last night with the awesome season ticket holders that do a lot to support our program financially and by coming to the games. It was a cool event and they brought in Outback Steakhouse to do the catering. If you didn’t attend, check out my twitter page for some pics, especially the ones of the shoes Trey and Drazen wore.

For the dinner each player had his own table.  Whoever ended up sitting at the table with us had to fill out an info card that they used to introduce us to the rest of the room. They were told to find out 2 things about us that our teammates didn’t know.  My first one was that I’m a good bowler – career high of 266. The second was a story from high school when we were playing Pope (Bucklin’s high school) and my contact got knocked out in the middle of the game.  I found it on the floor and ran into the bathroom to put it back in. On the way out I realized that I had been in the women’s room.

Here are some facts about our team that you might not know:

  • Matt Bucklin loves chick flicks. His favorite is How to lose a guy in 10 days
  • Drazen Zlovaric can play the accordion and the bass guitar
  • Ebuka Anyaora’s first name means “God has done well”
  • Gerald Robinson won a D1 tennis match when his father’s Tennessee State tennis team was short a player
  • Tyler Whatley was in a band that signed a deal with a record label but turned it down to play on the team
  • If Chris Barnes had a pet it would be a snake
  • Jeremy Price, Chris’s roommate, absolutely hates snakes
  • Ricky McPhee is a good golfer, shooting in the 70s.

Quote of the week:

“Yo AJ (Albert Jackson), did you see your picture in the whats-it-called? The red and orange?” -Unnamed teammate

“You mean the Red and Black right?” – Me