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I wrote most of this while waiting for class to start the other day and just got around to posting it.

Last Wednesday we had our second picture day – this time for the poster. We were told our shoes would be waiting for us when we got to the gym. I’m not gonna lie, all day I was planning on sending a twitpic of my new hyperizes linking to the sick music video that Nike made hyping up the shoes.

There was a change of plans when I opened my box to find the first shoe I got in college 2 years ago only these were red instead of purple.  Everybody else got their hyperizes, hypermaxes, and LeBrons and I was the proud new owner of some throwbacks. They aren’t even bad shoes but when I started putting them on I realized one of the shoes didn’t even have an in-sole in it.

I figured I was just getting the walk on treatment. Bucklin and Whatley thought it was the funniest thing ever. After all, last year they were forced to cope with signing posters that they weren’t pictured on and kids they were signing for didn’t believe they were actually on the team.  Turns out my shoes were just in the mail and now that they are here I’m hyperizing at last.

Spoiler alert: For the poster we took individual pictures in front of a blank background and they are going to photoshop us together.  They must have done the same thing last year cause Trey was looking like a giant on that thing.  I’m excited to see how it turns out and crossing my fingers hoping they don’t forget to put me on it like they have forgotten to put me on the roster on the website  (UPDATE: Nevermind, I just realized that I actually am on the roster).

I know I haven’t been updating my blog that often and I think part of the reason is because I’ve been posting on twitter. To Coach Fox’s amazement I’ve even been getting awards for doing so (Tweet of the day 1, Tweet of the day 2).  You can follow me at where I’ll be posting little updates pretty much daily.

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  • “How gullible do you think I am?”

    Tuesday after weights 10 of us were told we had to be at the coliseum at 6am for a drug test.  Something about waking up 5:30 and heading over to the coliseum made my off day feel alot like an on day.  It was my first time getting tested. Quite the experience.  Its about what you’d expect.  You go in. You have to wash your hands. They give you a cup and then stare at you as you fill it to the specified line.

    My guy decided to try to make it less awkward by whistling while I was doing all this. WTF.  Note to drug testers: Whistling during the test does not make things less awkward – In fact, it makes it much more awkward.

    In my last post I said I’d be updating with a story about Richard Jefferson and Luke Walton’s time in Athens. Here goes:

    A girl from my high school was at the Mall of Georgia with a friend on Friday afternoon. As they were leaving they were approached by 3 guys asking about a good taxi service.  They said they had taken a nasty cab over that charged them $50.  When they found out the guys were going to UGA, the girls offered them a ride.  It turns out, the three guys were NBA players Richard Jefferson and Luke Walton and PGA golfer Ricky Barnes. 

    Part of the conversation on the way home:

    Girl: So do you guys play college sports or something?

    Luke Walton: Well we used to….Now we play professionally

    Girl:  How gullible do you think I am?

    Luke (pulling out his iPhone): Well here’s a picture of me with the NBA finals trophy.

    Girl: That doesn’t mean anything, you could just be the guy who cleans it.

    Luke: Ok here’s me with Phil Jackson at dinner.

    Girl: I bet alot of people in LA get their picture taken with him at restaurants.

    Luke: Here’s a picture of me and Kobe in the locker room.

    Girl: Ok I believe you now.

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  • Busy Weekend

    Last week was crazy. I had 2 tests on Thursday and 1 on Friday. I also was lucky enough to come down with a pretty bad cold that made studying even more fun.

    Saturday was also really busy but a much better kind of busy.  We had weights and conditioning starting at 9:30. As I walked over to the Coliseum at 8:15 am and people were already tailgating and playing beer pong on the side of the road. After weights I got some lunch and waited for my family to get here.

    My brother and one of his teammates were coming up on an unofficial visit to play some pickup with the team and some other recruits we had on campus and then go to the game.
    As I looked around the gym taking note of the following things I couldn’t help but be thankful and think about how blessed my family is:

    • the fact that I’m playing at UGA now
    • my brother out on the court as a 15 year old high schooler holding his own
    • my parents being able to be there

    I wish my sister could have been there but she chose to be a Yellow Jacket…

    After pickup we had a great tailgate with chicken fingers, bbq pork & chicken, ribs and a bunch of sides.  We ate and then headed over to the stadium.  It was only my second game at Sanford Stadium and it was awesome.  Here are the highlights if you missed the game.

    I watched the game from the student section and it was definitely different from my old school where people rarely stayed for the whole game.  I will say I would have been extremely pissed if I had been one of the people that got drenched when 5+ people threw full sodas into the air after UGA’s kick return TD.  Also when I tried to make my way down the stairs people were just chilling in the middle of the aisles chatting it up.  I was actually debating to myself which was worse: running the entire stadium like we did as a team with nobody in it or trying to navigate while it was full of drunk kids?

    It turns out NBA players Richard Jefferson and Luke Walton were in town for the game. I met Jefferson after the game and will update the blog later on in the week with an interesting story I heard about their trip.

    Check out the photos section of the site for some pics we took in the locker room on picture day.

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