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First week/Desktop Wallpapers

Its the middle of the second week of school here and I’ve been to about 100 meetings.  Team meetings, transfer/freshmen student athlete orientation, student athlete welcome back dinner, housing meeting, law enforcement meetings, strength and conditioning meeting, alcohol awareness, Drug awareness. Basically, if something exists at UGA, we have been made aware of it.

We’ve started our strength and conditioning program as well as individual workouts.  We also had picture day last weekend.  We signed posters for a good 2 hours.  I only signed like 5 autographs while I was at Furman (for opposing team’s fans after we played St. Louis and again at Notre Dame) so my signature is a work in progress.

Turns out I was signing the best spot on the poster so after about twenty Coach Fox had me relocate so he could hijack the top left corner.

The other night I went over to Stegeman and the lights happened to be on. I took some pictures, played around with them and ordered some poster sized prints. I added the schedule on the side and am using one as a wallpaper. Here’s a link if anybody is interested in using them.

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  • Clint Doin’ Work

    A few months ago when Kobe Doin’ Work came out I realized that I had film on UGA football’s Clint Boling and decided to throw together a highlight tape.

    Clint and I aren’t really good friends or anything, but we played against each other for 7 years from middle school to high school.  We ended up having quite the rivalry our senior year of high school.  I’m not gonna put up a video of myself but when we played at Milton that season I played one of the best games of my life and we won in OT.

    Anyways, here’s a little video I put together just in time for Football season. Clint OK’d the video but he didn’t put me up to this.

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  • Summer Wrap Up

    So summer is over now.  As usual, it went way faster than I would have liked.  Here is a little summer wrap up post:


    • One of the best parts of summer was my internship with Grace North Atlanta.  I learned at ton and got to know some amazing people there.
    • Working out at King’s Ridge with my high school coach and his son Tanner (who will be a Freshman bball player at Alabama Southern).  Coach Burnett is such an awesome guy.  Every time I’m around him he makes me want to be a HS teacher & coach.
    • Twitter taking over.  My teammates at Furman looked at me like I was from the moon when I started getting Shaq’s tweets during the season.  Now look at how big its gotten. Follow me:

    Things I could have done without:

    • This actually happened: I got my hair cut at the beginning of the summer. The guy was pretty much done after cutting my hair for a good 10-15 minutes.  I asked him to trim the back of my neck and sideburns.  He proceeded to check all of his pockets before telling me to hold on while he looked for his glasses.  That explained everything. (On a side note: am I the only one that can’t express what I want done with my hair?  Every single time I try to answer the stylist I struggle to produce complete sentences or anything that would help him/her cut my hair.)
    • I was at a pool party eating hot dogs with a ten year old kid from the church when he looked me up and down and said: Connor, your body has a lot of flaws.

    Funniest thing that happened:

    • I’m really not in the business of calling people out or trying to make anybody look bad but I have to share this with you.  In mid July I called my old AAU coach wishing The Atlanta All Stars luck in the 2nd half of July (not to be confused with the GA Stars; Easy way to tell the difference: if there is more than one white guy on the team its probably the Atlanta All Stars; 1 white guy or less, definitely the GA Stars). My coach informed me that Furman is recruiting a couple of his players pretty hard.  Apparently Coach Jackson told my old coach that we had a great relationship and that he has talked to me weekly even since I’ve left.  Absolutely false.  Let me give you a glimpse of my relationship with Coach Jackson:  This spring he passed out individual envelopes for each player containing notes including what we needed to improve on in the offseason and couldn’t even spell my name right.

    I just got moved in and I’m still trying to figure Athens out.  I have a compliance meeting tomorrow moring at 9, a physical at 8 am on Saturday, a meeting Sunday evening, and school starts Monday.

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