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I hate to say it but…I’m now on twitter

When I first got a twitter account, it was just so I could get Shaq’s updates on my phone.  I didn’t plan on sending my own updates because I figured nobody would care what I had to say.  Quite a few of my friends are sending out updates regularly and in the words of my favorite athlete of all time, I had the itch to send out my own tweets.

Trust me, I still don’t think that anybody is going to be interested in my updates besides a few of my close friends but in case you want to follow me, you can go to:  I’ll be updating the blog soon with another installment of my basketball bucket list.

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  • O.A.R. Concert in Charlotte

    Last night I was able to go up to Charlotte to see my favorite band O.A.R. play a show for Nascar’s all star week celebration or something like that.  I found out that my love of O.A.R. outweighs my dislike of Nascar.  The event was called Rev’d Up so of course O.A.R. had to ask the crowd if we were rev’d up after the first song.

    We ended up parking in what appeared to be a slightly sketchy to moderately questionable parking lot. It became much more legitimate after we realized that the building next door was a modeling agency and 4 or 5 models happened to walk out as we were getting out of the car. Talk about a bad time to be holding a bag full of Taco Bell…

    The show was in downtown Charlotte at 3rd & Mint street. As we made our way over to the stage, we were handed a toiletries bag with the Old Spice Racing team logo all over it.  We decided Charlotte must have told Nascar that if they were going to host a week long Nascar celebration, they would need to get someone to supply the people with deodorant and shower gel.  Also included was the weirdest free thing I’ve ever gotten: A rubber replica Jackie Moon aka Will Ferrell head.  The afro is to be used to wash your body.  Am I the only person that doesn’t want to wash myself with Will Ferrell’s hair?  Nascar fans were fascinated by the shower gel. I guess they had never seen or used it before. Their best guess was to take the top off and throw the open bottle through the air. The irony is that we were laughing about Nascar forcing hygiene products on their fans but James realized that he could use the bag to hold his toiletries instead the plastic WAL-MART BAG he was currently using.

    There were a ton of people at this thing. I mean a ton.  They had video boards on both sides of the stage and before the concert started, they were playing Nascar interviews and commercials.  While we were walking around weaving our way through chain-smoking Nascar junkies, my friend P.J. thought it would be funny to yell, “HEY LOOK! ITS JEFF GORDON” every time a driver was being interviewed on the big screen. I wanted us to make it out of there alive so I convinced him to chill out.

    The Speed Network was sponsoring the event and they had a brilliant idea to give everybody a plastic “glow disc” with their logo on them.  It took about 1 second for people to figure out that the discs were very throwable.  O.A.R.’s guitarist, Richard On, claimed on his Twitter (yes it is taking over the world) that when he got hit during his solo it knocked the wind out of him.  He realized after the show that the disc broke a necklace his mom gave him as a kid.  The lead singer got hit in the forehead during the last song of the night.

    This was my 11th O.A.R. show and as usual the show was great.  There was definitely a bunch more crowd surfing than usual.  O.A.R. usually discourages it but they didn’t say anything last night, probably because the show was being aired on tv.  The fans at the show definitely had a fascination with crowd surfers falling flat on their faces.  Example A.

    Until next time, I’m out like the Hawks.

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  • Basketball Bucket List

    In an earlier post I mentioned that I’d be posting entries highlighting events that I have been able to cross off of my “Basketball Bucket List”. Here’s the first installation.

    Private conference with Teddy Valentine and Stephen Curry: Been there, Done that

    I’m going to fill you in on a secret that is just one of the many reasons that Davidson has been so successful in the Southern Conference for the last few years: Davidson plays extremely physical defense.  They have mastered the art of doing as much as you can get away with without getting whistled for a foul.  If you can get away with it, why not do it?

    This year against Davidson towards the end of the first half, I start to cut across the baseline.  Sure enough Curry is holding on to my jersey.  I threw his arm off me but before I could cross the paint I hear a whistle.  The next thing I know, Stephen and I were standing at the free throw line on the receiving end of a Teddy Valentine lecture.  For those of you that don’t know who Teddy Valentine is, he is a very high profile referee.  He actually gave Bobby Knight 3 technicals in a single game in 1998.

    Teddy V: You (me) don’t mess with him and you (Stephen) don’t mess with him. Cut that s*** out!

    In case you were wondering, yes it did feel like I was in the 3rd grade being sent to the principles office.

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  • Is Kobe a dirty player?

    After watching the second half of the Lakers-Rockets game last night, I couldn’t help but realize that I can’t stand Kobe Bryant.  Its disappointing to me that a guy that has that much talent can be such a dirtbag.  I loved when he got T’d up for taunting – reminded me of this.  The taunting was minutes after he got away with a cheap shot elbow.  You don’t see LeBron James pulling the same stunts as Kobe.  You don’t see Tim Duncan, Dwayne Wade, Dirk, or Steve Nash, doing it either.

    Basketbawful pointed out that if the league is going to be consistent, they will suspend Kobe for the next game for his intentional elbow to Ron Artest’s throat.  Of course they won’t do this but a guy can dream right?

    Jalen Rose just went on The Herd on ESPN radio and claimed that if you think Kobe is a dirty player, you can’t possibly be watching the NBA.  His reasoning was that there are guys whose job is to be an enforcer/fouler that do much worse. So according to Jalen, you can play dirty, but as long as there is someone worse than you, you are not considered a dirty player.

    Cowherd and Rose went on to give Kobe an assortment of excuses:

    • Being arguably the best player in the league he has guys doing the same type of things to him every night
    • There are unknown guys in the NBA trying to make their names off of Kobe
    • Tiger Woods gets “chippy”, MJ got “chippy”, Larry Bird got “chippy”

    I agree that everybody is trying to stop Kobe and I know there are guys that take cheap shots at Kobe. It would not surprise me if Ron Artest got Kobe earlier in the series and it wasn’t caught on tape or went unnoticed.  Even if Ron Artest deserved an elbow to the throat, that doesn’t make it a clean play.  A dirty play is a dirty play.

    What do you think? There’s a poll under the two videos.

    Here are two instances that I believe prove that Kobe is a dirty player. These are just examples from the last 2 games:

    Is Kobe a dirty player?

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  • The start of summer

    If you are reading this then you’ve found the new home of my blog.  I felt like I needed to start over with my blog as I start my college life over.  I also felt like adding .com to the end of my name was lame.

    Its the offseason and I’m heading home tomorrow after I take my International Marketing final.  It was definitely weird cleaning out my locker knowing I’m leaving Furman for good.  Saying goodbye to my teammates from the past 2 years has been especially tough.

    Now I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do this summer.  I was planning on taking summer classes at Furman before I decided to transfer.  I missed the deadline to apply for summer classes at UGA so I will probably just be staying in Alpharetta.

    One thing is for sure – I’ll be working out with my brother Evan (That picture was taken last year. Trust me he is over the mugshot pose for the most part.  If he wasn’t I wouldn’t be working out with him this summer.)  He had a breakout year for Milton High School and receied the Georgia Hoops  AAAAA Freshman of the year award.  He is basically my height now which is scary.  I’m excited that he is finally at an age where we can work out together. When he isn’t touring the country with his AAU team we’ll be working out.  He has an inflamed sesamoid (your guess is as good as mine) in his foot but hopefully that will be healed over the next few weeks.

    My goal for the first part of summer as far as my blog is concerned is to reveal a few of the items I’ve been fortunate enough to cross off of my Basketball Bucket List.  Time to get back to studying but I’ll post again soon.

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  • Its Official: Walking on at Georgia

    Once I finish my finals here at Furman, I’m going to be a Georgia Bulldog.  Its been a month since I’ve posted on here but a lot has been going on.  I only spoke with a few programs and have decided that the best fit for me is the University of Georgia. I will be on the basketball team there as a walk on.  To say I’m excited about being a part of Coach Fox’s program is an understatement.

    I also found out I was named to the SoCon’s Academic All-Conference team.

    I guess you could say this has been a good day.

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